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South Beach Diet Cost

What’s the real price of South Beach Diet? When it comes about choosing a diet that suits your lifestyle, you need to carefully consider whether it fits into your monthly budget.

Even though by switching to a mail-delivery diet you’ll save money on regular foods you usually buy, such diets come with additional expenses on top of the monthly fee.

South Beach Diet is one of the most popular meal delivery diets available today. Busy people love the South Beach Diet, Nutrisystem, and other such convenient meal plans.

The big question here is what does the South Beach Diet cost. We took a closer look at the total daily, weekly, and monthly costs, in order to help you see whether you can afford it or not.

How Much Does the South Beach Diet Cost?

The total cost of the South Beach Diet is the sum of the meal delivery plus the cost of fresh groceries you’ll need to buy.

Let’s take a look at these two expenses you’ll have to consider:

The cost of the South Beach program: There are three levels of pricing. The more menu variety you want, the more expensive the program.

The cost of additional foods: Mail-delivered food will make the most of your meals, but you’ll also need to weigh in some fresh groceries and also plan for several diet-free meals each week.

Beware that eating out is more expensive than cooking your own meals. Maker sure you take this into consideration when you estimate how much the South Beach Diet will cost you. Let’s see first what their plan options are and how much these options cost:

The Cost Of Joining The Program

The main element of The South Beach Diet is the monthly delivery of the pre-portioned and pre-packaged meals. Depending on your budget, you can choose one of the three plan levels available. The difference between these levels is the menu variety (frozen foods included).

These are the three plan options of the South Beach Diet with the daily and monthly price, after applying the 50% off coupon:

  • The Silver Plan: $7.97 per day, $223.07 per month
  • The Gold Plan: $9.07 per day, $253.84 per month
  • The Platinum Plan: $9.89 per day, $276.92 per month

Supplementental Costs

Although the cost of joining the South Beach Diet program is the main expense, you need to factor in some additional expenses. Here they are:


The program requires you to supplement your meals with fresh fruit and vegetables. You can estimate the cost of these foods to be around $5 per day.

DIY Meals

The program allows you to enjoy your weekly DIY meals. You can either cook or eat out. You can estimate the cost of a cooked meal to be around $4. A restaurant meal might cost you about $13. This depends, of course, on the restaurant prices and on your preferred food choices.

Optional Extras

While going through the checkout process, you’ll be offered the option to add extras such as bars, shakes and vitamins. You can get 10 extra bars for $20 and 28 extra shakes for $50. You don’t really needs them, but if you decide to buy them, you should add them to the total monthly cost of your diet.

Total Monthly Cost

Add up all above mentioned things and you’ll see that the cost of the South Beach Diet is higher than their advertised price. Here’s our estimate:

  • Women: $16 per day, $120 per week, $480 per month
  • Men: $17 per day, $130 per week, $525 per month

This is a fairly high cost you’ll need to budget, should you jump on this bandwagon. However, if the program provides you with the results you want, it will be well worth the cost. Here are some tips to help you get the best price for this popular diet:

Does South Beach Diet Cost Less Than You Think?

Apparently, the meal delivery is quite expensive. In fact, the actual price is much less, because these meals replace your usual foods that you’re currently buying from shops and restaurants.

Sadly, most people are clueless when it comes to how much money they spend on food each month. The figures may shock some of them.

No matter how great Weight Watchers, Noom and other such DIY diets may seem, the main reason why they are so cheap is that they don’t include the food.

This is why a DIY diet may be way more expensive than a meal delivery one. Besides, you’ll need to make sure you can allocate a lot of time to cooking and portioning meals each week.

Most Meal-Delivery Diets Seem To Have Similar Costs:

Apparently, most meal-delivery programs cost about $10-$12 day, adding up to $300 – $350 per month. This is also valid for the South Beach Diet. It seems that there only $1 per day difference between the South Beach Diet and Nutrisystem. You can rest assured that both these companies have done their consumer research to find out how much their potential customers would be willing to pay per day.

Apparently, the magic amount is $300 per month. This is actually $150 less than the average car payment. It is also equal to the amount you spend on fuel.

This cost can have a tremendous impact on most people’s monthly budgets, so is there are cheaper way to enroll into this program?

Is There A Cheaper Way To Join The South Beach Diet Program?

If you can’t afford to spend that much money every month, you have the option to purchase the $10 South Beach Diet book.

While the book doesn’t provide you with any food, it shows you how to follow this diet by cooking all thee meals at home. If you enjoy cooking, you may prefer this cheaper alternative.

In addition, you may want to check out the WW Digital and Noom Coach.


Now that you know how much the South Beach Diet costs, you can decide whether you can afford it or not. Anyway, if you want to join it, make sure you discuss your intention with your doctor. Then, remember to use the 50% off coupon.

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