Now Freshbox Farms!

Pure Genius Foods is getting a facelift! After lots of awesome feedback from our customers, we decided it was time for a brand change that better represents our passion and our products. Freshbox Farms will be the new face of Pure Genius Foods!


Always Local

Our hydroponic enclosures are bringing fresh produce closer to home by breaking down the old barriers set by traditional farming. Our innovative, vertically stacked, eco-friendly system cuts down on the amount of land needed for farming, while simultaneously creating the ideal growing environment for our crops. No longer do we have to wait for our favorite produce to be in season, with Pure Genius it is always in season, and it is always local!

Always Fresh

Our mission to provide healthy, nutritious, and fresh produce has no bounds. With daily harvests and same day deliveries, you can trust our produce always to be just hours old.

Always Consistent

Our  leading edge enclosures grow year round without any interruptions in quality due to seasonal changes or volatile weather. Our plants are hand cared for and looked after by our loyal farmers, from sowing all the way to harvest.  Our team makes sure only the highest quality leaves make it to market-reliable and delicious.

Always Pure, Always Clean

The future of farming is here with more sustainable growing practices and healthier produce. Our custom built, hydroponic enclosures provide each plant with just the right amount of light, water, and nutrients, side by side to creating a pest and insect free environment.
Our crops are of the highest quality, and we’re doing it purely, without the use of any pesticides or herbicides. We’re keeping our land usage low, saving hundreds of gallons of water a year, and bringing you our freshest products yet!